Thursday, March 15, 2012

A New Project for the Worm and I

Lately, the Worm and I have been talking about co-authoring a book. Our first idea had been to post it on here, our fascinating blog of modge-podge things. Then I, the Duck, came up with this brilliant idea: why not create a Webs in which we could keep our story? Luckily, Webs also has blogs so it was easy to begin The Life Account of Aiken Mars.Granted, we're starting slow so none of the actual story is posted yet (check back on April 1st for Chapter 1), but the Worm and I are still working on the story behind the scenes. Granted, I may be obsessing a bit, but the Worm is good at controlling my obsession. So, wish us luck, and be sure to check out our newest project! Thanks for reading. Oh, and The Duck and the Worm will still be updated though it'll probably be monthly now instead of our hoped-for weekly posting.

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