Saturday, January 28, 2012

Introducing: The Duck

So, I'm sure you're all a little curious just what exactly drove us to start this blog. Well, the Worm and I do a lot of writing--mainly in the form of role playing. But it's not the kind of role playing of video games. It's more like... Dungeons & Dragons. I suppose the best way to describe it would be to give an example. So, here's a few examples:
Isabel hadn't grown up in Tortuga. She had a family once on the coasts of Italy. A beautiful girl, she had black, curly locks and striking blue eyes. It was her beauty that captured the pirate captain, Barbosa. Taken aboard the Black Pearl, she was used and abused by several men during the trip. When they put in port at Tortuga, she was sold at the inn for fifty gold pieces. 
Three years later, she was used to the life of a bar whore. Men paid good money to watch her dance and even more to spend a night with her. She would give the inn it's share, and she saved the rest. One day, one day soon, she would have enough to sail away from this god-awful place.
That's me writing. Now here's the Worm:
Everything seemed to be working correctly, for once. When the Tardis materialized, he didn't recognize the time period or the place. "Well, a new adventure is not unwelcome." He left the Tardis and was immediately hit by the smell. It made him stagger a little before he regained his composure. He straightened his suit and went for a walk, then noticed something very odd. Everywhere he went, there were men dressed as pirates and women as wenches. What have I come across? He saw a tavern and decided it might be a good place to figure out where exactly he was. He ducked inside and stood to one side, pulling his sonic screwdriver from his pocket.
Does that make sense? I create a character and write something, and the Worm follows with her own character and her own writing. It's a lot of fun, and I'm sure we'll write about it in this blog.

So, this blog is meant for a little bit of everything. Food, reviews, role playing, writing tips, whatever we can think of! Anyway, I shall now leave it to the Worm to write her own introduction post. 

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